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Endorsements From Readers

Your book is a treasure. The remarkable power of self-healing shines from every page, with unmistakable clarity. As your journey unfolds, each chapter forms a pyramid of light, one step built upon the other, at the top of which is reached the glorious certainty that total health, our true destiny, is in our own hands. Congratulations and thanks.
Linda Elesiya Evans, Artist & Intuitive, Ashland, OR

An amazing, powerful and inspiring story about Waking Up.
Gerry G. Jampolsky, M.D. Founder of Center for Attitudinal Healing and author of “Love is letting go of fear”.

The story is beautiful and it’s written beautifully. It will make a difference to many people.
Carol Adler, Dandelion Press

“I read your book on the way home from Dallas....it is wonderful...inspiring, profound and remarkable. Bless you, bless you”.
Rita Reneaux, Relationship Expert and Coach

“We have both finished your book. I was deeply touched. I came to tears of joy many times while reading your story. It confirmed my belief that we are meant to be healthy, wealthy and happy, and it is our unexamined beliefs that hold us back. You demonstrated the ability to transcend the drama of the experience and to look beyond into the blessing. It is a very powerful wonderful book. I feel grateful to have you share this story with me”.
Will & Cate McClard

When I read Sheryl Jai’s extraordinary account of her fall and her healing I felt I was there with her. She beautifully describes each moment, each feeling, each insight. I felt I was with this courageous woman as she opened herself to another way of being. Through her eyes, I saw other possibilities, other meanings to life experiences.”
Anita Tamboli, Transformational Life Coach

“Sheryl Jai’s healing journey is an inspiration. Her story shows us how to partner with our body as it heals, and the miracles that are possible when we do. This book has transformed my relationship to pain and helped me remember there is always a gift in adversity.”
Nancy Grace, Muse

“The story took me through your amazing healing and transformation. As the author of this amazing story that you have lived, you definitely have something to share with all of us as about how we can move through pain and challenge to the other side. Thank you for sharing your story...may it assist and serve many on this planet.”
Virginia ‘Joy’ Smith, Author “The Dolphin Lady

“I know Sheryl as a friend, teacher, spiritual counselor, and now as an excellent storyteller. The truth of her experience drifts up from the pages as you read them, and you find yourself being there as a witness to miracles. Somehow, you know that this can be everyone’s truth of experience, with Sheryl as your able guide. Let your Self be touched by her story, with a knowingness that it could be your story, as well.
Peggy Phillips, Treasury Manager for CCA Global Partners, Inc.

“ . . . This story is so inspiring . . . it’s not more, more, more of the same . . . the energy within the text has a transmission in it . . . your experience is completely embodied . . .
Nancy Clemens, Author “Dolphin Divination Cards ” and
A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards"

A deeply moving testimonial to each person’s ability to physically heal their own body. Sheryl’s personal triumph forms the path for each of us to follow as we heal our bodies and minds and reconnect to spirit.
Dr. Talia Miller, Holistic Wellness Recovery Coach

Sheryl’s story has been an inspiration for me to take a deeper look at the messages my body gives me. Through Sheryl, I have learned that my body is telling me where I am holding emotions that need to be released, and to allow Spirit to flow in it’s wonderful, gentle ways. Sheryl’s depth of overcoming and clarity has been a guidepost for me to move easier along my spiritual path to fully be the oneness of Spirit.”
Patricia Haller, Reiki Master, Licensed Unity Teacher

"I was reading your book again today and I just want to tell you how much it touches me. I feel such grace when I'm reading it! It brought me to tears! What an amazing woman and what an amazing book. I hope that it touches and changes sooooo many peoples' lives! "
Joette Treiber, Retired Psychologist

"I finished your book. It was great to see how you healed your body. I loved all the soul searching concepts. Gives me much hope that we can all heal. I believe we can heal ourselves. Some of us just need a nudge in the right direction. Thank you so much for journaling your experiences, for the rest of us to follow. "
Linda Bazan, Entrepreneur

"Thank you for writing your book. Thank you for your love. Congratulations on following your heart and your bliss all these years. Many blessings to you. "
Suzanne McMillan-McTavish, Sedona Author and Vortex Tour/Spiritual Guide

"What an amazing story! This is a new beginning for me. I will do this meditation faithfully every day. And I will get the help I need. Thank you so much for writing this book! It must have been a tremendous task to describe your inner experiences in such a way that uninitiated people can appreciate them. But it all sounds truthful, that’s very important."
Magdalene Jaeckel, 83, Homemaker




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