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The Author: Sheryl Jai

I am so thrilled that you have come this far through my book website to read this page. It’s so important to me to give the messages that God has entrusted me with as often as possible and to reach as many people as possible. I do hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did experiencing each step of this magical process of life.

I am in the state of complete freedom these days - freedom in movement, pleasure and bliss! There is a knowingness of the next step without wondering if its right or wrong. I’m manifesting like I always dreamed. People I'm working with are experiencing miraculous results, mostly right in front of my eyes. My life is flow and its what I always dreamed would happen - someday. The day is here!

I have been given the message and the experience to go along with it. I feel inside my body, mind and emotions that inside of my body holds God. I experience it in every moment, daily. We are ultimately responsible for our own lives, yet how do we do this?

We all have a mission. One greater than we ever thought. Our 'trying' to achieve our spirituality is nothing compared to 'claiming' it. What we have missed is that we already have it.

I have learned that self healing is the key to achieving complete freedom - in the body, mind and emotions. It is simple. You can learn it quickly because of the hundredth monkey principle. Once someone has done it, anyone can do it - quicker and easier. I expect for you to be a master quicker than I. I expect you to teach me. And I expect that you will be teaching others your dream too. Because you are here to reach inside of you, learn about your inner wisdom and blossom into the biggest you there is. Someone you do not know now. And someone you are clear you have been desiring to know.

Get ready - go!

May you be blessed,


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