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A True Story of a leap into consciousness and ultimate health50 Feet In 4 Seconds: The True Story Of A Leap Into Consciousness and Ultimate Health is a story about a miracle! When Sheryl Jai, an ordinary woman from a mundane existence working for a bland company producing TSA backpacks, begins to study about angels to fulfill her desire to talk to and learn about angels, her life begins to morph into a magical tour of the unknown. One day, she is hiking the beautiful mountains of Sedona, AZ, where she lives, the next she is surrendered to the powerful energy of God healing her body of over 22 broken bones. This story will teach you how to heal yourself of pain and illness, trust that you are loved beyond any measurement outside of you and believe in yourself and the power that God lives within you. Take this journey with her and pay attention to how you feel as you read the story. It could wake you up and show you how precious your life truly is!

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Endorsement: "I suffered from debilitating headaches centered behind my eyes for years, barely allowing me to work at all. After reading Sheryl's inspiring story of healing, I too decided to embark on my own healing journey. I surrendered myself over to god and, later that day I accidentally mis-typed the URL of a website I was trying to visit, and my typo brought me to a company making computer glasses to combat headaches and eyestrain. I knew it was a sign from the greater power above and so I bought a pair right then and there. I credit Sheryl's story for giving me the inspiration and belief that healing is possible."
Alfred Abels - Graphic Designer (Ambr)

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